Carleton Class of 1987



2002 Reunion Rehash

15th Reunion class picture: June 20, 2002
(click on picture for larger version.  Names of people in the picture laboriously entered at the bottom of this page)

It was great seeing everyone who made it to reunion.  I was struck by two things in particular: we all looked pretty good and we didn't drink as much as we used to.  On the looks thing, I guess it's because we're starting to fight the downward slide and we're still at an age that we can succeed at that.  On the drinking, we went on a pub crawl (if you can call visiting the 2 decent bars in Northfield a "crawl") and I noticed that people were simply sipping their beers and not passing out on the floor.  

For those who couldn't make it to reunion, hopefully we'll see you next time.

Reunion is over (this time), but the site lives on.  It seems like a good idea to have an informal site for our class that people could contribute to and check out for news, info, humor, slander, whatever; this would be the place.  Heck, I even made the URL easier to get to so you can now just go to (no "reunion" in the name anymore); don't worry, your favorite old URL will still work...

Keep checking back occasionally; we will endeavor to post new stuff as it becomes available: pictures, bios, humor, copies of "Cease and Desist" orders, whatever.

Who the hell is in this picture?

Row one: Jeremy Lang, Jan Schlamp Raven, James Flaten, Emily Virginia Christianson, Karen Menghini Baundendistel, Philippe Shils, Erika Dillman, Dinah Wayne, Robert Buerglener, Rich Hirth, Lisa Stein Taylor, Julia Lehman Carnell, Gretchen Achilles, Kirsten Major

Row Two: Raul Raymundo, Marilyn Sandford, Joanne Mechling, Mara (Hessel) Liston, Ellen Nadelhoffer, Jennifer Staben, Julia Soule Holden, Lisa Boranian Etteldorf, Joe Andrews, Eric Mueller, Angela Wilcox Moroukian, Lisa Smith Bruer, Ann Murray Folson, Steve Dinneen, Wade Baxter, Laura Pugh, Mike Kinde

Row Three: Phil Zrimsek, Susan Vobejda,  -- , Shana Crosson, Lucy Franklin, Julie Risser, Chris Ogren, Colleen White, Andrea Dawson Webster, Jennifer H. Lee, Reid Macklin, Clark Meyer, Michelle Barton, Matt Gish, Chet Haase, Jim Friedmann, Jeremy White, Marleah Jex

Row Four: Peter Kumasaka, Owen Kumasaka, Matt Fikse, Jane Turpin Moore, Jessie Dunnagan, Pamela Coldoff Evans, Monika Norwick, Susan Orlandi Johnson, Jen Colby, Ty Fayfield, Charles Bender, Digby Willard, Warren Porter, Kristin Harmon Haase, Nancy Lee, Paula Donato, Kristen Holden, Karen Doerschug Chu, Meg Lysaght Thacher, JoAnn Serumgard Hirth

Row Five: Andrew Anderson, BradfordWallin, Julia Earl, William Mosely, Victoria Mcgarry Lorino ,Sarah Scilley,Juliana Hagen DiGiosa, Laura Herber Anderson, Kathy Paul, Peggy Hermann, Jamie Wellik, Cliff Anderson, Tina Hastings, Jennifer Service, Rich Wilcox, JR Walker, Jeff Aldrich, Christopher Carlson, Martha Anderson, Jeffrey Joseph Rozinka

Row Six: Kim Feldt, Emily Feldt, Lisa Montali Montesanto, Christe Rhodes Dekko, Jeff Dekko, Sarah Crippen Madison, Peter Tiemeyer, Peter Lucas, Linda McAllister, Julie Nishimura-Jensen, Eric Jensen, Ted Cornwell, Eden Inoway-Ronnie, Emily Wallace-Jackson, Lisa Hassebrock


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