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Chet Haase

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Location: Pleasanton, CA

Spouse or companion: Kristin Harmon Haase ('87)

Children and pets: Helena (8), Alex (6), Beatrix (4), Tempo the dog (11)

Jobs: Software Geek for Sun Microsystems

Hobbies: What, outside of this life-consuming website?  I've been getting into humor writing ( and even tried some stand-up lately.

Brush with Greatness: I had dinner at Bruce Willis' house in Sun Valley. Okay, he wasn't actually there at the time. Okay, it wasn't actually his house anymore; he'd sold it to my friends. Okay, they weren't actually my friends, but they were cousins of my friends. But it was just like having dinner with Bruce. We pretended he'd just gone out to get some more beer.

Interesting places I've been: Went to St. Petersburg a couple of times on business. Beautiful city, but don't go for the food.

Words of wisdom: Turn off the valve under the sink before removing the handle.

Other info: I've got a blogs for work ( and for humor ( I've also got a geeky book out, about doing whizzy graphics programming in Java, released in August of 2007:


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