Carleton Class of 1987



2002 Reunion Awards Update

Crucial Award Update!  By the way, I realized only after the fact that the whole "Vote for whom you want to see at Reunion" issue never made the awards presentation at reunion, so we have some unsung heroes.  It was a close race all along with drama and incessant cheating from all parties involved.  But honesty and courage prevailed in the end as Bill Piersol pulled away from the pack with 5 votes.  Tied for second place were Josh Skolnik and Saga Mary with 4 votes.  Neck and neck were Charles Bender and Pat Zak with 3 votes each. Normally, this would have resulted in an award given to Bill; but since Charles Bender was the only attendee out of these contenders, I hereby declare Charles the winner; way to go Charles!  In an ideal world, the winners would have been awarded some fabulous prize.  The reality, we should have at least mentioned it at reunion.  In fact, we'll just document it here and expect everyone at home to donate a moment of thoughtful silence to these brave souls.  For the details on this grisly and competitive race, see the page at Your Vote Counts.

Even More Crucial Award Update: An inside report has come up with a upset in the contest; apparently Saga Mary was seen on campus during reunion.  By the same argument that had Charles squirming his way into the winner's circle (he showed up), the Vote Committee hereby announces that Charles cedes victory to Saga Mary; she had more votes, she showed up for reunion, and, darnit, she's got a cool name.  Congratulations to the Saga M and best of luck next time to Charles and the other players!  (Editor's note: the "insider" was, in fact, Charles himself; he reportedly spoke with Saga M, presumably about their chances in the contest.  His stunning act of honesty in reporting her presence and thus foregoing the award floored the committee.  Whatta guy.)

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