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Cliff Anderson

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Location: Edina, Minnesota

Spouse or companion: Virginia Kinnucan Anderson

Children and pets: Ian (11 in May), Eva (just turned 8), Manny Girl (Golden Retriever turning 3 in July)

Jobs: Attorney

Hobbies: Ran 4 marathons, I love to coach and have been doing a lot of soccer and hockey coaching with the children's various teams. That has led to me playing soccer and hockey again (by the way playing hockey at almost age 42 is sort of hallucinogenic after a 2 minute shift).

Brush with greatness: Well, Vice-President Mondale is in our firm so I find myself in the elevator with him now and then, and he brings all these cool speakers like former President Carter and others to Minneapolis once a year, but such brushes are so easy they should not count.

Interesting places I've been: Federal Judge Doty's courtroom litigating my first federal court jury trial after waiting years to get one and having the subject matter be the false advertising of deer hunting products (including those made from doe pee - depending on your point of view, you may or may not want to ask me about this at Reunion). By the way, we represented the plaintiff and won - that was ok too.

Words of wisdom: I was talking to lawyers in Taiwan the other day at midnight Minneapolis time and it was 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon the next day in Taiwan. I told my secretary the next day about the call and she cleverly suggested that I "was just talking to the future." The same is true about reunions. For those of you who have never shown up these past 5, 10, and 15 years, SHOW UP. It is really cool and it is like being put in a time machine in 1987 and being blasted off into the future. So, come to the 20th and you will find out what it feels like to come face to face with your future 20 years later. I highly recommend it, it is a great ride. Don't make excuses. You are just a plane ticket away and a hard dorm bed at Parish House (with a rental packet of those comfy white sheets and a pack of two scratchy white towels) away from a great time.

Other info: In the doe pee case referenced above, I deposed a guy who collects doe pee -- true story. The whole thing was stranger than fiction. The deposition took place in the court reporter's digs above a bar in Bemdiji, Minnesota with the smell of stale beer wafting up the stairwell. The video of the depo watches a little bit like as if I had deposed one of the lead charcters in the movie "Deliverance."


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