Carleton Class of 1987



Jeff Robertson

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Location: Denver, CO

Spouse or companion: Laurie Hipley '91

Children and pets: Miles, age 6; Ani, age 2

Jobs: Entrepreneur

Hobbies: See kids section above. That has effectively demolished all hope of "hobbies". For the record, they are well worth it. And I do ski, hike and camp occassionally.

Brush with greatness: I own Al Franken's childhood home in St. Louis Park, MN. No kidding.

Interesting places I've been: The execution chamber of Colorado's Supermax penitentiary. Very..."interesting."

Words of wisdom: Wherever you go, there you are. (Buckaroo Bonzai)

Other info: Almost died of Dengue fever in Bali in 1994. That was also..."interesting."


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