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Tales of the 20th: 

Memories, Shmemories

June 14-17, 2007

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Here are some random memories and pictures that people have submitted. If you have any you would like to share (and actually remember what happened that weekend or had the presence of mind to take pictures), send them in and they'll be added to the site.

July 4: Added several more pictures. Thanks for the pictures so far from Nancy L, Erika D, Jim D, Eric M, Keith B, Chet H, and Stacy S

Words, words, words

Some impressions that impressed me:

The people who showed up for the 20th after skipping the 5th, 10th and 15th. That kinda takes guts. And suggests that itís not too late to turn around the remaining hard cases in time for the 25th.

The fact that a statistically improbable number of us are still alive.

The appalling absence of the traditional burning of Party Hog. Who do I call about this?

The rumor that a few members of the Class of í87 were still up at 6 am Sunday, running around with tiki torches and gleefully disturbing the peace. I only heard about it secondhand. But I heard their initials were Wes, Keith, Victoria and Tanya. [Ed: Rumor substantiated: check out the proof]


Congratulations to Kathy Paul, the winner of the famed "Looks the most like he/she did when we were students. As far as we can remember." award.
Congratulations to Charles Bender, five years late, winner of the "Person we'd most like to see at Reunion" contest for our 15th reunion. He nudged out Saga Mary for the lead and took home the prize when we finally got around to giving it to him this time.

Pictures, pictures, pictures


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Parade of Classes

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Miscellaneous People Pics

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