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Poetry Corner

Oft times, the memory of our old school comes to mind, unbidden, and we are moved to song and sonnet, anon.

Some classmates have donated their Odes to us, in the hope that it reawakens the butterfly of nostalgia within your soul. If you, too, are so inspired, submit send your own to us and they will be posted here, anon.

Reunion Ditty: An Ode to Carleton

Chet Haase & Jim Friedmann

An Ode to an Ode

Matt Gish

Your lofty Ode to Carleton has stood the test of time,
Your eloquent rendition, was more moving than a mime;
Delivered with such sincerity upon deep, heartfelt introspection,
It drove your former classmate to some liberal arts reflection.

Our formal liberal studies were nearly twenty years ago,
Two decades past, and here I am, with not so much to show;
The time flew by with lightning speed -- so many thoughts to think;
But I'm now so darned enlightened, I feel no need to to make a stink.

We return this year to Carleton to mark the flow of time
We also reassure ourselves, we know poetry from bad rhyme;
Whatever roads our lives have taken, we can say this without jest
We have reaped the benefits of a small, highly selective, liberal arts college in the midwest.


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