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Reunion 2007 Contest Ideas

For our last reunion (2002 for the math-challenged), we had a contest to find out who had the most disgusting operation so far. I believe Phil Shils won it with something related to his colon, or long intestine, or something else that makes me nauseous just thinking about.

We have decided that this type of contest is completely inappropriate for our 20th year reunion, or any reunion thereafter. We're getting older (despite the hair plugs and plastic surgery) and this topic is getting more personal and visceral with every passing year.

Instead, the reunion committee hopes to keep things on a lighter note this time, and is searching for a contest that matches this goal. Some of the options proposed so far include:

Who has found the most spare change on the street at one time.
Who has the most amusing ringtone
Who has the biggest smile
Who has the most amusing anecdote about Bingo or Canasta
Who can compose the funniest 'smiley' in email
Whose summer reading list is the most interesting
Whose kids have said the darnedest things
Whose name has the largest number of links in a Google search

Stay tuned; this promises to be our most perky and uplifting reunion yet!

Chet Haase, March 17, 2007


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